Monday, April 19, 2010

CHOP SHOP: Class List

Here is a list of classes and descriptions. Please email me: for dates and times. If there is a project or class that you have in mind, please let me know!

Deus Ex Machina (God of the Machine): 2 hours $30

Learn the basics of the amazing sewing machine! Threading, oiling, changing needles, bobbins, tension, stitches, and more.

We will start with a simple project of a Voodoo doll pin cushion! Supplies provided.

(Bring in your own machine if you have one! It’s always better to learn on your personal machine. It’s like driving a standard car! Each one is different! Be sure to bring bobbins that fit your machine!)

Survival Sewing: 2 hours $30

Need to learn how to fix a hole in a garment? Sew on a button? Stop that underwire from sticking out of your bra? Do it all with a needle and thread!

(Bring a garment that needs fixing, or supplies will be provided.)

Hoodie Ninjas: 4 hours (2 Classes) $60 
(Must be proficient in sewing on the machine, or have taken the Deus Ex Machina class)

Have a hoodie that is a little short in the arms, or the color is not your favorite but it fits well? Learn how to make a new custom one with your own unique adjustments (Cat ears? Bigger hood? Longer arms or torso? Fake Fur lining? Awesome fabric?) 

Bring a hoodie that fits you pretty well (if you have one) and 2 ½ yards of your favorite fabric(s).

The Quicker Zipper Up-er! 2 hours $30 (should have sewing machine knowledge or have taken the Deus Ex Machina class)

Have a broken zipper or just want to learn how to sew one into a garment?

This class will unlock the secrets of this toothy device!
(Bring a garment with a broken zipper and a NEW zipper of the same length or longer. OR bring one 7” regular zipper and one 7” invisible zipper.)

Choose your own Adventure! 2 hours $30 (each additional hour is $10 more)
Bring in a project that you need help with and we will figure it out together!

* More classes will be added and available soon! This is just a basic menu to start with!

Thursday, April 15, 2010


I'm going to Japan on April 28th with my rad friend Tiffany. We'll be there for 2 whole weeks and while we're there I'm planning on doing a photo project to get tons of ideas for costumes, fashion and general awesomeness! Hopefully I'll also come home with a whole new japanese look and wardrobe. 

Holy monkeys I'm excited! :D

While I'm gone there will still be the regular Tuesday Night Stitch & Bitch craft night from 7-9:30pm (as long as i can get a buddy to go and open it up for people!) I really hope you utilize this night and time for some awesome projects!!

Also in the works is a Green Fashion Show! And by Green, I'm talking Eco-fabulous, not kermit the frog (necesarily).

More details to follow so stay on the lookout!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Welcome to the Chop Shop!

The Chop Shop is a punky sewing studio for all your sewing, designing, costuming, crafting, and creative needs!

Now offering classes in everything from basic hand and machine sewing to custom costuming and fashion design.

Check this site for class dates, prices, fashion shows, tips, photos and much more!

Chop it up!