Costumes I have made: a brief portfolio

The Pale Man ( Pan's Labyrinth) 2007

Roller Derby Mascots (Duke City Roller Derby) 2008

Cassowary bird (Rio Grande Zoo Mayors Ball "Australia" )  2009

The Riddler (Albuquerque) 2006

Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog Masks (Albuquerque) 2008

Seahorse (Albuquerque) 2005

Yellow Crested Cockatoo (Rio Grande Zoo Mayors Ball "Australia" )  2009

Morticia ( Albuquerque) 2005

The Joker (Albuquerque) 2008

Poison Ivy (Albuquerque) 2006

The Mad Hatter and Queen of Hearts (Albuquerque) 2009

Demon Makeup (Albuquerque) 2009

Peacock Feather Makeup (Albuquerque) 2009

Zombie Makeup and Costumes (Zombie Prom) 2009

 Bacon and Egg Costume (Custom Order) 2010

Hard Candy Costume (Custom Order) 2010
 With Matching Candy Hat!