About Me!

This is me in Tokyo!!!
Hi! My name is Jessi and I own, operate, and teach classes at the Chop Shop! The Shop  is now located inside The Octopus and the Fox boutique in East Downtown Albuquerque at 514 Central Ave. SE. I am one of the four owners and we feature local handmade art, clothing, jewelry, crafts and much more made by over 50 local artists! We also have a lovely vintage section!

I have been sewing, designing, and wearing costumes since i was a little kid. Halloween is by far my favorite day of the year, and I am proud to say I have never bought a costume from a store. I have designed and made costumes for myself, my husband, and friends and have won costume contests for many of them.

I received my BAFA (Bachelor of Art in Fine Art) at the University of New Mexico in 2004. I worked in the costume shop of the theater department as the assistant costumer to Dorothy Baca and also helped her on the movie set of Suspect Zero.

During the summer of 2009, I was commissioned to create 13 costumes in one week for the Mayors Ball at the Rio Grande Zoo. The theme was "Australia" and 13 dancers needed to be animals from that country. It was a wonderful event and we received many compliments!

I have done costume design and production for Keshet Dance Company since 2009 and have created pieces for The Nutcracker on the Rocks , Ani Ma'Amin and a multimedia performance titled "Worthy of your wild mouth, a journey through the poetry of Pablo Neruda", the first performance of which took place recently at the Alvin Ailey Theater in NY City.

I opened the Chop Shop in May of 2010 to offer classes and an off-beat punky studio for sewing, design, costuming, and fashion for the Albuquerque community inside The Factory on  5th artspace.

I love making custom costumes, clothes and art while encouraging and teaching other creative persons to pick up a needle and thread, or sit down at a humming sewing machine and make something awesome. My future goals include: hosting and designing a fashion show, and creating a masquerade costume ball for Halloween/Dia De Los Muertos.

"The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud." -Coco Chanel

"Make it work!" ~Tim Gunn